What is Backlink

Backlink: Is a link juice from other website to power the resources, the real source maybe a blog, page. It most be a relevant citation.

Time of Backlinks

Do-follow backlink: This is the most valuable links that hive High Authority to a web page. User will can’t know the difference.
No-follow Backlink: This is helpful a little bit it use to give credit to the content writer.

What You Need To Consider Before Building Link

Index On Google
You have to do proper research if the blog and the web page is index on Google, if is indexing free free to build link from the page or blog.

Domain Authority
I will keep repeating this ” Don’t build link from low Domain Authority blog this can actually kill you hand work and de-rank your website.

Spam Score
This is not mostly matter but in some cases you need to know where your links are coming from to avoid harmful juice link.

Advantage Of Backlink

Has we all know many people are struggling to be on the No. 1 on Google search, did you know without backlinks you can’t get there easily.

1. It help in easy ranking.
2. It help Google spider to notify the new update and get it rank easily.
3. It boost website authority
4. It show how how people are Linking and relect to blog post.
5. Google use the matric to Knoe the value of your acticles.

Most Valuable Links Too Build Ranking

1. Gest Post: this art of sending mail to authority site to get links.
2. Profile Link: this link is almost the best but hard to build, you just need to create account from a bookmark blog and add your Link.
Link Exchange: This one of the best but many people see it has black but I can tell you if you did it in right way you have nothing to fear on. You just need the link from relevant blog post.

Differencert classes of link

We two different classes of link, here I will like to explain the two for you.
1. hyperlinks: this is the act of using image to take visit to another page,
2. Textlink is the of using text to take user to another page.


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