Good Day Guys, I know this topic we bring up Today is the major people issue but today I will like to teach you how to set your Onstage SEO, it will sounds wow in your main I know. That’s why we are here for you.

When. I check on internet I see many post and many request on this topic, so that’s why I bring it up there.
I see most blogger out there were facing index issue since January of this there. Today I will teach you how to index your content to the Search engine in less that 3 hours if you are not regular publisher I mean on your blog. I can intense to tell you if you are regular publisher your blog will be index in a second, Google spider will have room in on your blog. I know you will be thinking of Room 406. Spoil child.

Can we start the class?

Calm down this write page for you to teach you how to index blog post in 2021, Let start.

Set HeadTag

1. Site Title: You need to set your blog title or company name, example 247parrot it will appear on Google. To help in easy search and identification.

2. Tagline: You need to create the tagline example has “Bloging and SEO Tips” in some cases I do call it slangs people we know you we your motto.

3. Choose good SSL: This is to secure your blog you need SSL certificate to protect your website, mean of SSL certificate “Secure Sockets Layer”, it will protect you from hackers not hijack your blog any how.

List of Plugin you need to boost your on Onstage SEO

1. SEO Plugin: In this aspect you need SEO Plugin to or function.php to set your SEO onpage e.g SEO title, meta discretion and Sitemap generator E.t.c

Google Site Kit: this plugin is mostly used to connect your Google analyze, AdSense, Sitespeed and Google console. This we help Google spider to locate your blog content and notify them when you publish a post.

Trick indexing method
There I will tell you how you can notify Google bot directly, here I will drop list of url you will past on your blog to index it faster.
Click menu block Control.
Go to “Setting”
Click “Writing”

Then copy the link below past it in the box we show the picture and Save.

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